Beldi Soap (Aker Fassi)


Unlock the secret of Moroccan self-care with this Aker Fassi Beldi Soap. Beldi soap is a traditional gel-like soap from Morocco made from olive oil and naturally rich in vitamin E. Applied on the entire body right at the end of a delightful hammam (steam room) the soap nourishes the skin and is left as a mask for a few minutes. The Beldi soap is then scrubbed and rinsed off, gently exfoliating the skin. A luxurious traditional cleansing and skin softening treatment, SOPURE LONDON’s Beldi Soap is enriched with Aker Fassi, a natural ingredient from poppy seeds known to have anti-aging, moisturising and softening properties. Our wonderful Aker Fassi Beldi soap allows to erase skin impurities and purifies the skin surface to get rid of dead skin cells, creating a silky, smooth skin.

6.76 oz. / 200mL / Shelf life is 2 years.

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