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Article: Argan Oil: A beauty, health and happiness essential

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Argan Oil: A beauty, health and happiness essential

We’ve all seen the retail boasts about the revitalising effects of argan oil on lifeless frizzy hair. But one of Morocco’s best kept secrets is its powers of rejuvenation for your body inside and out.


argan oil

A few things they didn’t tell you about Argan oil:

When you think of miracle beauty products worthy of turning back the clock, healing sunburn, boosting hair growth whilst simultaneously reducing the likeliness of cancer, it’s easy to assume you’re looking at some kind of concentrated elixir with a painful price tag, but Argan oil is anything but.

Whilst you may have recently discovered argan oil as many of your favourite beauty blogger’s new best friend, here are some of the most surprising facts about the diversities of argan oil and its sensational powers:


Argan Oil skin benefits:

  • Protects your skin from UV ray damage.
  • Heals wounds and reduced the appearance of scars
  • Protects against signs of aging skin
  • Tightens and strengthens skin against stretchmarks
  • Reduces acne
  • Soothes and cools inflammation


Argan Oil hair benefits:

  • Prevents sun-caused colour loss
  • Reduces dandruff and split ends
  • Promotes heat protection
  • Strengthens follicles


Why Organic Argan Oil?

Morocco’s wonder oil may no longer be their best kept secret, but the benefits of organic over non-organic argan oil may come to you as a surprise.

Organic argan oil is worth the press, and by that, I mean cold-pressing. This process means the oil can be obtained with minimal heat, meaning it will retain its aroma and antioxidants (such as Vitamin E) after its extraction process. This, of course, is vital, as weakened oils cannot assure the same results, research shows “only cold pressed will deliver goodness to the skin.”. Organic argan oil such as our own Moroccan Beauty Elixir also contains no harmful additives, solvent residues or chemicals are used in the process of growing the argan tree, resulting in pure oils which don’t “cause damage down the line.


Benefits of Organic Argan Oil: 

  • Contains minerals, vitamins and fatty acids to aid moisturising and strengthening effects on hair and skin
  • Contains no chemical preservatives
  • Natural dry scalp treatment
  • Aids prevention of cancer



Benefits of Argan oil on the world:

What’s more impressive about organic argan oil is its ability to aid the women who use it and produce it. By buying pure and organic argan oil, you are actively supporting ethical and sustainable fair trade within Morocco. The region of Arganeraie, where argan oil is produced supports the lives of over 2.2 million Moroccans. Fair trade co-operatives employ women and protect the trees, providing environment, social and economic security within these communities.


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